Hands that move, hands that come together to pray; hands that work, hands that touch, caress and take care of someone.
Hands that you care for, that you moisturize with cream, that you adorn with a ruby ​​red nail polish. Hands that say who you are.

Tonight It Is so, I felt happy with the arrival of the weekend and the pouring rain, back from work I relaxed sipping a cold beer and letting go of thoughts and tiredness. So the other part of me came out, the one that the more you tell her to be nice, the more she gets upset 🙂
I often feel like that and I know that when it happens, I don’t have to do anything but indulge it: I put my headphones on and with music in my ears I started to move and travel (I also made an article on the importance of music in my life) the mind wandered everywhere, and then lingered on what my eyes were looking at at that moment: my hands .

We focus too little on our body and on the individual parts that compose it, too absorbed in the hectic life of everyday, we forget our “envelope”, that body that carries us everywhere we want to go and that holds the most important part of us: our Soul .

And the hands are a fundamental part of it, the one with which we relate to the world around us and to the people more or less close to us; the closer people are to us, the more we use our hands.

Let’s love our hands, they work for us, they live for us, let’s not forget it. Never.

Stay handling, stay bloggin ‘:-)

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