There is a moment, in your life, when you feel the sensation of having uncovered what history knows as Pandora’s Box .

Myth tells that Pandora was the first mortal woman; a great woman, in my opinion, since she had been advised not to open the vase given to her as a gift, but driven by curiosity, like a good woman 🙂 she opened it, causing the worst misfortunes to be poured into the world.

That’s how the story has gone.

I don’t think at all that I’ve generated particular misfortunes, opening my Pandora’s box, however a cycle has begun, a chain reaction, a succession of events, an unstoppable flow which will soon arrive like a river into the sea of ​​Life. And I did it without intention, it happened because it had to happen and it happened at the moment it had to happen. Or maybe I wasn’t the one who made it happen either, maybe the vase just broke because it had too much to hold.

Therefore, whether it’s by virtue of an internal or external force to it, my Pandora’s Box has opened: things, people and events have condensed into a unique and unpredictable alignment, and nothing can be done about it but to follow it.

Sitting comfortably to enjoy the fireworks.

Stay flowing, stay bloggin’ 🙂

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