What does the title have to do with a pair of glasses? A legitimate question, even more so if the combination inspires me in a blog post just before midnight, when I should have been sleeping for quite a while.

Something actually happened to me yesterday so, as it happened to me, I said to myself, “I need to write on my blog about this.” And so here I am to tell you.

It may happen that you find yourself working in a beautiful company that deals with sunglasses of a certain prestige; and, of course, in such a context it may happen to have colleagues. Then it may happen that you experience the scene illustrated in photos dozens of times in 8 hours of work. If you have a pair of glasses try to look carefully at them, especially that tiny screw that holds the temple and the front together. Take a good look at it . Now think of having to disassemble and reassemble the glasses 10 times, I say a random number (but in 8 hours I assemble and disassemble well over 10 pairs of glasses). You will certainly agree with me that it is not very easy …

What a sweat I got !!! The tiny screw that doesn’t go in, the shaft that doesn’t remain centered in the hinge, your hand begins to tremble with tension, your glasses (mine, eyeglasses) will fog up because of the mask. In short! You understand that it takes half an hour to fit a pair of glasses. Slowing down production. So you go to your colleague (the one from before) who is fitting the semi-automatic screwdriver and I ask her if she does me the courtesy of fitting the impossible glasses. And with all her phlegm, while doing in a moment what I have not been able to do in 300 long seconds, when I thank her for all the answer she says to me: “No, don’t worry, it is normal that AFTER A CERTAIN AGE the sight will lower “.

Ehhhhhhhhh? After a certain age??????? To me?????

I went back to my desk with the glasses finally assembled and a mixed feeling of disbelief and fun. I wonder if she realized the gaffe she made, probably not; however it occurs to me that the world is beautiful because it’s varied and that in any case I’m grateful to her because, in that situation, she saved me 🙂

What can I say … In life you never stop learning. And laughing !!

Stay screwing, stay bloggin ‘ 🙂

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