They are satisfactions!

In this 21st century permeated with technology and innovative inventions, all you need is an idea, then it ‘s very easy to put it into practice!

And so it was for me, for some time I had the desire to create a calendar with my works, one for each month, and what better time to do it if not in this 2022, a very important year that marks the gradual exit from a two-year period that will sadly be remembered for the pandemic, the year in which I realized myself in work and in which my project of the heart of Lili’s Art and Painting becomes more and more concrete, with the creation of the site and this blog.

A few minutes’ search was enough and in less than 48 hours my dreams became reality, churning out this wonderful calendar that thrilled me on every page.

My purpose is to make my artistic reality grow to the point of being able to give a calendar to every person who wants to own one, one day.

In the meantime, I enjoy this umpteenth little milestone, sharing it with you through the video above.

Stay calendar, stay bloggin ‘🙂

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