International Happiness Day is celebrated around the world today.

And today more than ever I appreciated its importance. The importance of being happy; even when things don’t go the way we want them to.

It’s Sunday and this morning, on this beautiful sunny day that promises spring, I went for a walk downtown. I needed to get some air, breathe deeply.

I came across a block of the road, the center of the town was closed to traffic because a foot race was in progress.

So, forced to wait in the car for the runners to pass, to my amazement, I see them arrive and I am very impressed when, observing them, I realize that this is not a normal race, because among the participants there are also people in wheelchairs, driven by very fast runners.

Seeing this has put a point in the flow of my day and thoughts. And it has “stopped” all my ruminations on the small and big problems I have. Or that I think I have.

There are people who, although they can no longer walk and are confined to a wheelchair, continue to have stimuli in life and to get involved, continue to be positive and do not lose hope. There are people who, even if life has brought them to their knees, still want to run; and they do it great! This is a lesson that we should all keep in mind, especially those who, like me, are lucky enough to be independent and enjoy good health.

I loved those runners and in my heart I thanked them. I wish them never to lose this great strength they have inside and I wish me never to forget this day and the profound teaching it left inside me.

Stay running, stay bloggin ‘. 🙂

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