It’s almost a paradox, but we are in carnival time.

It’s a paradox because the period we have been living for two years now, which now has been painted with even more gloomy colors, certainly doesn’t make you want to party.

Carnival is par excellence an occasion for lightness; in those few days everyone, adults and children, can spend moments of lightheartedness with masks, music, confetti and streamers.

Even the name carnival, in its etymology, tells us that sometimes you have to enjoy the present because you never know what will come tomorrow.

And really, the more they want to pass messages of sadness and uncertainty, the more I get inside a D.L. (Desire to Live) without equal !!!!

So little is enough for me, hot beer (terrible, but better than not having it), a makeshift sandwich and off you go! Found a corner where there is revelry, with music and lights, and I am there, to enjoy this moment of eternity.

I don’t get out of the car, they wouldn’t let me in, so I have double comfort: fun in the warmth. Yes, because you don’t need great things to have fun and feel good. Nor of large companies. The World is my travel companion, people and places are a group that renews itself over time, every time, free to join and then to leave.

Life is wonderful, I say that althought sometimes I’m Leopardian. But not today. Not now.

Today is the time to take down the mask we wear every day and to show off the best part of us, the most authentic and truest, the one who laughs and cares, the optimistic one, the one that rocks!

You know, there is no certainty about tomorrow.

Stay joyful, stay bloggin’. 🙂

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