Once again.

And on a particular day like April 25, what they call “Liberation Day”. And in a certain sense, in my case, it is about “liberation”, so it absolutely had to be celebrated!

I had been to Venice last year, and it was a BAD experience, and not my fault, but that was it. So I told myself that I would have to go back to change this state of affairs, because it’s intolerable that Venice can be the subject of sad memories or events.

And so it was.



For two days.

Two beautiful, wonderful days.

Venice as I’ve never seen it before. Venice seen from my eyes but also Venice seen from the eyes of Venice itself.

Around the calle, inside the cafes full of people eating delicious food, and then the ride on the vaporetto in the Grand Canal late at night, when there is nobody on the street, and you end up arriving at the majesty of Piazza San Marco that still today, after a long time, excites me like the first time.

Venice is important to me: I was there in my “first life”, I returned in what I certainly cannot define as a “second life” but more like a moment of total apnea, years in which I literally stopped breathing ; and I’m going back to it now, in my NEW LIFE, the real one, the one where I decide for myself. And Venice was an obligatory stop, I needed to breathe its air again (even if it cost me a terrible sore throat that I still have to deal with), I needed to see the houses, the bridges, the canals.. and to feel at home again, because that’s how I feel when I go back to Venice.

Deep down I think it’s really one step away from me and it would be foolish not to take advantage of this good fortune. The one-way train journey is a unique experience, accompanied by a breathtaking panorama that goes from the Dolomites to the Prosecco hills and then to the lagoon; and the return journey is fundamental, it gives you time to retrace the experience you have lived, to metabolise every single place and every single person you have met.

What else to say … The world is full of wonderful cities and Italy holds beautiful ones, but Venice, she, Venice is unique, she is a fascinating woman who bewitches you from behind her wonderful mask and me, perpetually in love with her, I will continue to sing of her beauty and celebrate her majesty.

Bye Venice, see you again very soon ❤️

I leave below a video that tells, in part, of the wonderful emotions experienced in these two days.