It’s a sunny day a bit like any other.

Actually not as hot as the others; we are close to mid-August and luckily the temperatures are dropping.
My lunch is in the oven, it’s slowly cooking, and to optimize the times I hung the laundry. And I write a blog.
I have been on vacation for three days and, it seems absurd, but I’ve not left the house for three days. It seems absurd ’cause we tend to believe that being free from work, we should take advantage of the time available to do everything during the working week you cannot: do activities, excursions, see new places, go where you have never gone. And indeed this was my purpose; but now, after 72 hours of stand by, I can say that things are proceeding differently.

Initially I was even a little annoyed with myself, with this apparently bored and perhaps even a bit apathetic attitude: you stay at home, don’t go out, eat more crap than usual, watch movies …. Here you are! It’s precisely in this last detail that my question was answered, that question that I’ve been asking myself continuously over these three days: why, if I tend to do everything I want, do I find myself doing nothing? The answer came gradually by scrolling through the images of the films I saw in these two days and which are all part of the same series entitled “Manual of love”; a trilogy that tells in short episodes of different stories on the stages of love and at the same time addresses the theme of how the approach to love changes according to the age of the person.

I found these films of incredible and disarming beauty: in each episode there’s always something, a story or a character, in which you can see yourself again; these are situations that take you, excite you, amuse you and sometimes even move you. And in this carnival of kisses, passion, betrayals, anger, confessions and requests for forgiveness I have repeatedly found myself and I have even more strengthened in myself the deep conviction that, if we really want to enjoy life and let new things happen to us, we must cling as little as possible to people, situations, objects, memories and thoughts.
We must learn to dream, to use the imagination not to create a poor substitute for the life we ​​would like, but because in the imagination lies the seed of new ideas and therefore also of new opportunities.

Think about it: after all, imagination is nothing more than fantasizing about situations that we rationally believe are impossible to achieve. In reality everything that our mind is able to conceive can certainly happen and, if it doesn’t happen, it’s only because we are too entangled in our mental constructs, in the structures of thought that have been handed down to us from family, society and reality in which we have been lowered to live.
So it’s very likely that in our reveries we could find the solution to our problems; as a very illustrious person said, we cannot find the solution to a problem at the same level that generated it, the solution is always one step higher, one millimeter beyond the famous comfort zone that I have repeatedly talked about in my writings.

And when things lead us to cross that line, when we feel we are afraid, when our heart starts beating fast, when our legs are shaking, when we want to do everything but that, then we can be sure that this is not the only way right for us but it is the only way to get to enjoy a life in line with who we really are.
Stay open to the new, live life as when the rain surprises you and you don’t have an umbrella: you can look for a balcony under which to shelter, and stay where you are. Or you can stay in the rain, turn your face to the sky and let the drops wet you, feel the beauty of such a sensation and enjoy it; in that precise moment be sure that you are alive and if you are alive you have in hand all the cards you need to be able to make your life the masterpiece it deserves to be.

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