Why do you do this?

I probably do it out of boredom.
I do this to stun myself outside, and ignore what’s inside.
And inside there’s not only fatigue and bitterness.
Inside there is a world: colorful, bubbly, psychedelic.
The first time I entered a nightclub I was only 9 years old; I was immediately fascinated, kidnapped, overwhelmed, overwhelmed, overwhelmed
I immediately knew, felt that, in a way, was my world: the darkness, the loud music, the pulsating lights….

That microcosm seemed to take up the vital functions of my body, the blood, the heart, the lungs, everything.
So I do it also for this, because when I do it I go back for a while to that moment of 39 years ago, the electrocution, the space-time melted into a single, indelible moment.

Then I do it because it makes me look better inside, silences head that always has too many things to say, and in its continuous vain talk drives away the echo of the soul.

Then I do, she (the head) shuts up and me and my Soul can talk lovingly.

Me and her.
Yin and Yang.
Black and white.
Shade and light.

I do it because I like it, I do it because…. why not do it?

It’s never a mistake if it makes you feel good.
It’s never a mistake if it breaks your chains.

And here I could continue with the rhyme, but I would become a little bit porno 🙂

Irony aside, taking up a beautiful phrase of a famous actor, “I have come to an age when the phrases that begin with the word ‘you must’ I am not even hearing”.
I have arrived at an age and with a suitcase of experience that leads me to know with absolute clarity what I do NOT want, I find it a great sieve to move towards what I believe is best for me.

Meanwhile…. I continue to

And to those who still ask me why I do it, I answer to do it in the same way.

When you start listening to my music, you will understand the reason for my dance steps

The background music is by Jeff Beck, the voice of the great Johnny Depp, the song is called Isolation and it’s from these notes that I want to start my dance.

With you.

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