A guy who has a panty under his shorts that has nothing masculine, I look at him better … That hand on his side, his hair tied up with an elastic band with floral decorations … no … He certainly doesn’t like women (I smile).

Another guy who went to get some food, I think, for his girlfriend … A bit like in the old days, when a man had to think about feeding his woman ….

Then there is me who am alone like shit and drool seeing others who eat but above all who drink beer, beer and more beer.

Silly jokes, disgustingly sweaty armpits (keep your arms down, please), but also interesting, absorbed looks …

And silent presences, which are there and you feel them even if they don’t speak. The ones that tell me more than others.

Tattoos! Lots of tattoos! I look at them all, maybe I get inspiration for the next one that I want to do soon.

People who are shy but then look for the official photographer to be photographed.

Hair. Disheveled, sweaty, colorful, dressed up.

Shy men who can be seen a mile away who want to try it, try to be cool but are only clumsy and trivial.

I am almost 50 years old, I am not lacking in enthusiasm, but perhaps I am no longer of the age for this kind of fun … While we were out waiting for the gates to open, under the sun with 37 degrees, I wanted to escape, go back “safe” Away from the inconclusive speeches of the people. Cool off the fan with an ice cold beer in hand.

But I resisted.

If you want to get to the moon you have to climb the stars, one by one, and nobody says it’s easy, it’s hard, you sweat. But it’s worth it. I already know it was worth it to come here, and while I wait for the time to pass, sitting on my towel with my feet sizzling from working 8 hours this morning, with just 4 hours of sleep, I wait for the music to start. And I will enjoy the moment. In the meanwhile, I write this article for my blog. Wonderful!

And then the evening will certainly not end with the end of the concert! After that, a nice drive awaits me with air conditioning, a cold shower that will take away all the tiredness of the day. Then a BEER. FROZEN. With the air from the fan shot in the face.

Viva la vita caxxo! I still want to get excited.

And this thing in me will never pass.

Here Is the video 😍

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