There are moments in life when it seems everything has stopped.
There are moments in life where, like that child, you find yourself not knowing which way to go, which path to take, which inclination to follow …

Look carefully at the photo and then tell me: “Where would you go? Would you go left or right? “
Take a good look at this photo .. and feel what inspires you …

Left? Right?

You know what I think? I think that the catch is right there, in the right and in the left!

Think about it, they are both obligatory directions, already packaged, prepared by someone who has created a nice asphalt surface to make your journey certainly easier, but taking you where he has already decided!

And at 3 in the morning, after a grueling day in a grueling week of a deadly grueling period, the intuition that comes to me is that the only possible way, the only valid path to take is right into the CENTER, straight, between the branches, where there is no path already beaten, where you have to find the courage and throw yourself among the brambles, in the dark, with the risk of getting hurt too!

In short, always there, beyond the famous comfort zone, the only place that teems with Real Life, with unexplored lands, with experiences to live …

If I were like that child, I would have already thrown myself among those brambles; today, as an adult, it’s more difficult for me, especially ’cause my skin is already full of scratches … Yes, I’ve already been out of the comfort zone, for several times, and I’ve scratched myself, I’ve been very badly hurt; yet it seems that Mrs. Life still has something to tell me. And it will only do it there, into the CENTER.
Where Existence pulsates.
Where the Heart calls.
And me, even if destroyed and exhausted, I will not be able to help but follow her call.
I’ll think about it tomorrow, which is already today…

It’s almost 4 o’clock.
It’s time to close my eyes and dream.

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