I know that heart is written with a H, but if you are here then it means that I have succeeded in my intent, I have managed to capture your attention and bring you into this page.

And I was very keen because this page holds a gift.
But not everyone will find it.
Typically from a blog article you are expected to read current news, or food for thought to share ideas and thoughts.
In this page, today, you will not find any of this.

If you are here you have arrived there deliberately, and if you go all the way, perhaps at the end of this little “journey” you will have something left inside; or you will feel pushed to look for something.
Below is my latest video, posted on YouTube.
It’s different from the others; it’s not the report of an excursion in the middle of nature and it’s not a documentary video on the (wonderful) parks you can find in Veneto Italy.
This video represents one for me an initiation.
You won’t find anything interesting in it, you won’t find anything funny in it, if you only look at it with your eyes.
Because this is a video that needs to be felt, not watched.
And if you feel it with the Eart, that one which doesn’t pass through the filters of the mind, you will be able to perceive the Wonder of what I perceived today by moving my steps inside Mother Nature, enveloped by her Sounds, Colors and Scents.
I do not add anything else.
Take this Journey with me and, please, leave me a thought in the comments, tell me what you felt, tell deep in your eart.
Let it move your inner strings.

Update March 24 24

I came back to see you <3 And it was great!!