Of course! I’m not a blogger!

I love to write, I love to use words to try, as far as possible, to translate into legible signs something that otherwise couldn’t be explained.

Perhaps you can explain feelings with words, through concepts, but with emotions everything is more difficult. The etymology of the word itself tells us: “emotion” comes from the Latin emotus, past participle of emovere “to shake, move”. So something that triggers changes within you.

I like to imagine that this word, which carries the suffix emo in it, has something to do with what concerns blood; because it’s the blood that boils inside us when we get excited, both positively and negatively. And it’s the blood that colors our cheeks red when we are embarrassed, or that leaves our extremities white and cold when something unpleasant freezes us.

That’s why I’m NOT a blogger …

Because the true blogger publishes content every day, she knows that only in this way will she be able to retain her readers and advance in Google’s indexing.

Me, on the other hand, I write only when I live a situation that excites me, when my blood heats up more than usual because something has given me a shot of life, in one way or another, and then I feel the irrepressible need to stare at it black on white.

Once I did it through a personal diary, but this somehow crystallized my thoughts and reasoning, leaving me fossilized in my beliefs, sometimes correct and sometimes not.

Writing on my blog, on the other hand, being able to expose my thoughts in a vast world like that of the internet, with the possibility that others read it, and comment on it, puts me in a pleasant condition of listening, as well as one-sided externalization.

Not just saying what you think, but creating a debate, an exchange; this is what helps us to grow, this is what helps us to improve.

Because perhaps perfection doesn’t exist, and if it did it would be flat and boring.

But what exists is perfectibility, the ability to strive to reach ever higher levels.

In short! I try in every way to make my life a masterpiece.

And you?

What are you doing for your life?

Stay perfect, stay bloggin ‘🙂

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