A week has now passed, but even after 7 long days full of work and commitments (especially work), I cannot fail to tell here about the journey that brought me, once again, to Bologna, from my loved ones, and where I nurtured the deepest part of me.

Because traveling satisfies my soul, gives peace to my spirit, reunites me with Life itself and its typical dynamism: in Nature everything moves! Even a stone, apparently stationary, if analyzed would reveal us that the particles that compose it are in constant motion, because only what is dead doesn’t move.

So I plan, phone, book and then I go! When the Citroen engine starts roaring, when the wheels turn onto the highway, then all of me knows that the days ahead will be full of adrenaline and emotions.

Especially when I know that I’ll go and find a piece of my heart, and I know that I’ll share unique moments.

Lili and her suitcase

It’s difficult to put into words sensations and emotions that, once again, I experienced in Bologna: the colors, the sounds, the flavors wisely offered, the moments of philosophical reflection that made me experience a new vision of the city, a vision of what’s behind the surface that everyone can see.

In short, a condensation of mystical effervescence that I wanted to enclose, as far as possible, in the video that you’ll find at the end of this page, like the others entirely made by me.

It will not let you experience the colors, flavors and smells that I experienced, but perhaps it I’ll exhort you not to postpone a trip that you could do tomorrow to a distant future.

Traveling is giving yourself quality time.

Traveling is loving each other. And loving yourself.

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