There comes a day in life.

THAT day comes, the day you start poking your nose out of the storm and you have to deal with the rubble.

This is exactly how it happens: as long as you are inside the tornado you certainly cannot look around and take stock, you have to think about surviving, getting out of it alive, and all that fuss that goes into your eyes and lungs not only makes you miss the air to breathe, but it doesn’t show you what is there in front of you and which has always been there, evident.
Now you begin to come out of it, you can almost return to breathe as in the past and your eyes start looking again. And they see. They realize.

And you think about how you managed to be so blind that you couldn’t see!

Not realizing that you lived the last years of your life on a huge stage, where nothing that seemed real was really true; it was only your love, everything else artfully assembled, all orchestrated so well that you believe that everything happened because it had to happen, that life was full of unexpected events and difficulties.

Instead life was speaking to me, it has been telling me in every way how things are for years, and me, more and more blind and deaf, I have continued undaunted on the journey. Because I am like this, I ask myself a thousand thoughts and a thousand questions before acting, but when I start it’s difficult for me to stop. Especially if I do it with the heart. Especially if I do it with Love.
And this is the first lesson I have learned in the last five years: being able to take a step back if necessary, recognize failure and turn it into a life lesson that life improves it for you, because for sure you will not make the same mistakes. a second time.

Then there is the second lesson: learn to forgive yourself. Have no mercy on yourself if you are in bad faith, but if you have lived honestly and loved sincerely, no matter how many mistakes you have made, forgive yourself.

Even if the biggest mistake was putting all of yourself in the wrong hands.

Forgive yourself.

Even if your choices have given suffering to those you love most in the world.

Forgive yourself.

If they did it with you, certainly you can do it with yourself.

It has always been pure love that has guided you over the years; in your choices, in every decision you made, in every tear you shed – too many – and for every smile you made – too few.
Now the show is over, someone has forcibly turned off the lights, the curtain slowly falls, and discarded the role of the woman who has always tried to square the circle, given that a square is born a square and a square will die, now you can finally BE YOURSELF . Totally.
Now your life is entirely in your hands, with all that it entails: from a great freedom comes great responsibilities, to paraphrase a phrase of the famous Marvel darling.
Now you have 24 hours at your complete disposal to manage yourself and your life, commitments, work, accounts, expenses, you have to make ends meet, and I’m not just talking about the economic one.

The I would like to share with you the fourth life lesson learned while I was in the eye of the storm: give yourself time!
Each of us has his own rhythms, his own seasons… give yourself time. What needs to be done will be done when you feel ready. It’s useless to force my hand, here “give yourself time” is a phrase that I repeat to myself over and over again, when for example I look at my still blank canvases and wonder why I haven’t started painting yet.

Because it’s not enough to regain a physical space, you must also rediscover the mental space, and that takes more time, it takes time to regain the serenity that has come off to shreds along the way.
I know that one day I will get up one morning and I will have a crazy desire to take the colors and smear that beautiful white canvas that winks at me from the wooden easel.
In the meantime I will stay here, licking my wounds, giving me silences full of peace, candlelit evenings, books to read and music to listen to.
Another show begins, the curtain rises.
Now my New Life is on stage!

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