Today I write a blog.

And I dedicate it to a person I don’t even know but who managed, without knowing it, to give me a great moment of emotion.

Sunday morning, I wake up at 8 despite the partying tonight (I had returned at 3 in the morning and fell asleep much later); despite this, I got up early and with the desire to go outdoors, stay outside and breathe the fresh air of these autumn days atypically warmer than usual.

So I walk downtown, I take the opportunity to move around a bit: there is some stall, like every Sunday, of small artisans who exhibit their artifacts.

But all in all, little movement, few people, and all with a certain slow pace, with Sunday “printed” on their faces in short! The two dogs that caught my attention, not far from me, were definitely much more active and perky than their respective owners : -)

But I still like to observe everyone, from the immobile person to the one who runs past me, each of them transmits something to me and gives me something.

Then my curious eyes that looked all over stopped on a person, a man. Not very far from me he was walking… A man with an obvious disability: dark glasses and a cane, a blind person.

Since I noticed him, I haven’t been able to take my eyes off him. I followed him with my eyes in every step.

The first thing I asked myself looking at him was “Who knows if looking at him more closely he would perceive my gaze on him” … Probably yes, these people, precisely because they are deprived of one of the 5 senses, strongly develop other sensory abilities.

He walked, placing his cane in front of him in that typical gesture that all of us have seen at least once, he also seemed quite sure of himself. Then at a certain point he stopped, put his hand in his jacket pocket and took something out of it; I immediately imagined that he was receiving a phone call, in fact he did, he had taken his smartphone from his pocket and most likely, more than a phone call, I think he received a message, to which he answered with a voice. There I thought that technology, the one I despise so much for having negatively influenced the generation of my children, at that moment seemed like a blessing! The life of a blind person in 2022 is certainly less difficult than years ago, progress will have brought practical improvements in the lives of all of them.

I don’t know why, but observing him for a long time in his small gestures provoked in me a movement of emotion, so strong that it made me cry silently, the tears came out without my being able to stop them, I was crying but they were tears with a good taste, tears of gratitude for having had the chance to be there in that moment and experience all of this; and I was grateful to wear sunglasses with mirrored lenses, which allowed me to experience my emotion in absolute personal intimacy.

I would have liked so much to reach that man, take him by the arm and spend the day with him, hear what he has to say, let me tell the world through his perceptions.

I also came up with the scene of a film, a beautiful film, which I deeply love “The fabulous world of Amélie“, there is a scene where she helps a blind person to cross the street and in accompanying him she describes every detail of the place where they are passing by, she somehow becomes his eyes. It’s a very touching, beautiful scene. I would have liked to do the same with him.

In the meantime, the man had already strayed far from my visual reach, so I said to myself “I’ll follow him with my eyes as long as I can, then I’ll immediately write my impressions, because I want to be able to transcribe everything, before being distracted from other “

He has gone, and now I’m here on this bench in the main square of Belluno to put down these words with my smartphone; I can’t wait to go home to be able to correct and publish this writing on my blog. And fix these moments forever.

I cannot fail to conclude by saying that Life is a wonderful thing, that it is ALWAYS worth fighting for because the gifts we will receive will always be greater than our efforts.

And today Life has given me a gift of you, a special Friend who with a sure step goes around the world.

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