A long, intense period, full of emotions and twists, full of decisions to make and changes to make…. A period which, for these reasons, kept me away from my blog, my site, my brushes… too much concrete life which didn’t leave much space for my creative part, the free one which, once again, found itself chained , entangled in too many things to do.

Despite this, however, I understood that it’s a shame to put aside a job that I have started and carried out for a few years now, to which I have dedicated time, money and into which I have put all of myself; my “container” where I can put my memories, my projects and my emotions, a precious asset.

So here I am taking this project back into my hands and carrying it forward; and I do it by trying to tell the story of the last two days I spent. Holiday days from work that I spent in the way I like to do most: TRAVELING.

Over and over again in this blog of mine I have talked about my travels and how much I love discovering new places, new colours, flavours, scents. Experiences that enrich you and that confirm, every time, that phrase that says that when we return we are never the same person we were when we left.

And I also had the gift of finding a person who, like me, loves getting to know the world, so the beauty of traveling is amplified even more.

My new stop was Trentino, a land rich in colors and flavours, unfortunately not enjoyed to the fullest due to the rain which did not abandon us even for a moment. As you already know, I love rain, but obviously, even in all its beauty, the fact remains that it makes everything a little more complicated to manage. So we went in search of warm places, where we could take shelter and enjoy the pleasures of the palate.

The first of the beautiful places that found and captured us is located in Termeno on the Wine Route, in the province of Bolzano and is called Arona: a delightful corner in an equally delightful square where we let our palates be delighted from a velvety wine, a tasty beer and, to top it all off, a platter of excellent cheeses and not only.

Between one breakfast and another we then stopped at the Biergarten, a much more rustic little place where I still ate very well and with gusto.

And, to complete the picture 🙂 last night in Trento, a wonderful city, we couldn’t help but stop at the Te Ke Voi tavern, and there too, as you can see from the photos, nothing was missing: taste, colours, flavours.

300 km lived, enjoyed, loved, which I would be ready to do again tomorrow.

Maybe not tomorrow…

But if everything goes as I think it will, and it will, I will soon find myself here on my beloved blog talking about flavours, colors and smells again, even stronger and even more flamboyant.

Stay tuned 🙂