but in the end I can tell you about my last trip. Where? But it’s clear: IN PARADISE!!

In my last article I anticipated you – did I hope? Thought? – I knew I was going to make another trip soon. And that it would be more bubbly than ever.

And it can only be so if you decide to catapult yourself into the colors, smells and flavors of my land, of MY Sicily!

Taking advantage of the long holiday weekend, I organized a small “return to the origins”; a dive into the past, and into the present that still binds me to those places, because I have them two pieces of my heart.

When you arrive in Sicily, if you arrive by plane, the first thing that strikes you, in addition to the very strong accent of the Sicilians, is the riot of colors that stand out from behind the windows of the bars and restaurants, full of typical sweet and savory delicacies. Then all you can do is let yourself be carried away and throw yourself headlong into this journey of taste, which will last for the entire stay on the island, and which will end only when you have taken the plane back to leave.

So here is the first Sicilian taste, a wonderful 7 veli cake that, after his Majesty the Sicilian Cassata, is another symbol of the pastry culture of my land. The experience of the 7 veli is an experience that involves all the senses, starting from the sight – in addition to being a delicious dessert, it’s beautiful to look at – with its 7 layers of different color, flavor and texture – it is a sublime dessert to taste, it has a velvety and delicate flavor and every bite is a superfine caress. And while I’m describing it to you, it makes me want to go back to Sicily and eat another (huge) slice!

There are so many places to visit in Sicily, especially for those who have never been lucky enough to go there before; but the time was very short and the hours were numbered, so I had to choose to stay in the surroundings of Syracuse, my city, and if I say Syracuse you can’t help but say Ortigia.

I could say that Ortigia is the historic part of Syracuse. But that wouldn’t be enough.

Ortigia is the beating heart of Syracuse, the soul, the cradle from which everything was born. And when you arrive in Piazza Duomo you breathe this thing, the air seems to be different, especially if you also have a beautiful tango as background music (open the video)

But hunger is hunger and by now you all already know how greedy 🙂 I am!

I’ll just put the photo, no need to add anything else… any comment would be superfluous and from piAzza Duomo to pizza in Duomo the step is really short 🤪

I would like to tell you that I have seen so many places, met so many people, but I can’t! Actually, I just ate ate eaten, from breakfast at the Drago bar to the delicious fish of the restaurants of Marzamemi to the arancino of the legendary Astone Bakery

So between a game of bowling…

a tour of Ortigia on Angelo’s “carriage”

and a plate of fresh pasta alla norma

Time has come to an end, the heart becomes small and I return home.

With my belly getting fuller and fuller, my pockets getting emptier and emptier, but my heart full of Love: love for my land, love for my children, love for Life that gave me the good fortune to be born here.

In Sicily.