After some time of media silence, here I am again writing an article for my blog.

The reason for the pause in my blog has little to do with the silence, ‘cause in recent days I have given life to my PODCAST, a project that is still in its initial, experimental phase, but which is already giving a lot of satisfaction! Try to give it a look here and let me know what you think about.

However today I’m going back to writing an article of mine, because a new idea has taken shape.

I was on my usual daily walk through the streets of the centre, and lately I find it very engaging to photograph glimpses of the city, add background music to the photo I just took and share it all on my social pages.

The result is a beautiful collage of life moments that well describe my mood and my emotions at that moment; however, I was reflecting on the fact that, by posting on social networks, we soon lose track of it, we know very well how quickly our page feed is updated.

So I started thinking about how to make sure that these short but intense photographic flashes are not engulfed and erased by the frenzy of the algorithm, but find a place in their own specially created space, like a photo album that can be leafed through as often as I feel like taking a step back in time; an album with “sound photographs”.

This is how cathARTic was born, a container of sound photos, a small space that adds to the world of Lili’s Art and Painting, making it even richer and more kaleidoscopic 😊

The choice of name is very obvious! The word cathartic means “pacifying, purifying, soothing”, and that’s what happens to me every time I get lost in my long walks. And certainly I could not fail to consider that the word Cathartic has also the word ART in itself, which is saying something!

cathARTic is fast, it’s immediate, it’s a picturesque journey made of images, sounds and emotions.

And you can go and find out by clicking here. Enjoy!