Today the day starts early.

And it starts here at the computer.

I usually never turn on the computer in the early morning, I prefer to take care of myself, the house, go out and take a walk; especially on a day like today, the last day of vacation, as from tomorrow I will return to work and I’m certainly happy about it, but this will end these weeks of carefree life, without schedules other than those dictated by your biological body, “tortured” by the late nights you have made it do 😊

Even last night I fell asleep around 4:00 a.m. but I had a more than good reason, something that required some time to be realized and then, once finished, kept me awake a little longer due to the adrenaline still circulating in my body.

In short, last night the Lili PODCAST was born!

You may not know what a podcast is, but I’ll explain it quickly: a podcast is a series of audio or video episodes that can be downloaded or streamed from the Internet; podcasts can cover a wide range of topics and can be listened to or watched on a smartphone, tablet or computer, you will find them on podcasting platforms or on dedicated apps. And here on my website, of course!

My podcast is an idea still in its infancy, but the first episode is already online and ready to be listened to around the world! Yes, because I’m trying to create it also in English although it’s not simple, however even the first episode in a foreign language is already online so my friend, if you want you can go and listen to it, when you have finished reading this article, and leave me your impressions on the message page, any suggestions on how I could improve this “service” that I want to offer myself and to those who will have time and desire to follow me on this journey; the only recommendation is to use headphones to listen to me, let my voice reach you straight to the heart!

With my podcast we will have the opportunity to get to know each other better, I’ll tell you about the person I am, about my life, my past and my plans for the future, trying to always be clear and sincere; I will talk about various topics and I will do it with my voice, allowing feelings and emotions to transpire, even more than with writing, like a chat between friends, where you listen to my words and then comment on them, for now only in writing, but I don’t exclude that in the future I can also think of a different, richer form of podcast, where you and me are in front of the same microphone and we compare ourselves, discussing life and the world!

Let me stay here now, let me give you the opportunity to go listen to the first episode right away.

Put on your headphones, click here and immerse yourself in my voice, let it accompany you on this day, let it be the soundtrack of your wonderful day!

If before I tried with colors, now I try with sounds.

To do what?

To amaze you! 😊