To tell the truth, I’ve always loved sunsets …

I love the sunset because it has warm colors, light but decisive strokes, a heat that slowly fades to take you to the crisp night air, especially in these long winter evenings.

And at sunset you sum up; the day comes to an end and you sit there, almost in contemplation, thinking about what good you have done today, and what you could have done better. The sunset is a synthesis, the epilogue of the day just passed but the prologue of what will soon arrive.

Sometimes, however, there are moments, occasions in which the dawn is the host, the dawn that marks a new beginning, the dawn that gives us another 24 hours to live, to be exploited to enrich our journey and to do something good for ourselves, for the people we love and for all of humanity. Because we are small drops in the ocean of the world and every single word we say or action we do has consequences, even on a wide range (have you ever heard of the butterfly effect?). That is why it’s important to take care not only of our garden, but also of our neighbor’s garden – to put it in a metaphor.

Today is a new dawn for me: after years of attempts, sacrifices, disappointments, doors slammed in my face, today is the turn of my Ransom, Life has finally given me the opportunity to get involved and I will use every bit of my Energy to make this new Reality a great little Masterpiece.

This article is for those who believe in it, for those who have never stopped fighting, for those who have never stopped living according to their Inner Law.

I tell them NOT to give up! I tell them to hold on.

I started reading a beautiful book yesterday (I will publish my impressions soon) and one of the phrases that struck me is that “everything comes at the right time, when we are ready to receive it”; the fact that it doesn’t arrive immediately it’s not because everything is still: the dynamics are simply active on deeper planes, which we cannot see or perceive, but we have believe them.
Life is wonderful, never forget it!

Stay hopeful, stay blogging!

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