Life puts you in front of countless situations, some Will be beautiful and some don’t. You will be forced to manage some that will disturb you, exhaust you, make you believe that you cannot do it …


We make it. Always!

And when we fail to figure it out, it is only because we believe we are not capable of it, it’s because we delegate the responsibility for our happiness to others, we delegate it outside of us.

Instead, everything you need is already here, in front of; it will not always be easy, of course, sometimes it’ll be exhausting and disheartening, because men use to live on expectations. We want things to go the way we believe it is best.

So here is the title of this article, here is the similarity with water.

Have you ever watched a river flow? Did you focus your attention on water and its movements? The river doesn’t stop if there’s an obstacle on its path, it goes around it or incorporates it within itself. Sometimes it overwhelms it. Water maintains its clarity, just because it never stops.

I wish I’ll become Water: always in motion and irrepressible, limpid and transparent, imperturbable and formless. This doesn’t mean you have no personality, on the contrary, it means having such a high thickness as to be able to skillfully juggle in this forest that is Life, dancing with it!

And speaking of life and forests, a quote comes to my mind, I love It very much and I would like to share it here with you:

“I am a forest and a night of dark trees, but whoever is not afraid of my darkness will also find slopes of roses under my cypresses. ”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Stay flowing, stay bloggin’! 🙂

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