Tonight I want to talk about light and heat.
Tonight I want to talk about candles.
This is a special time for me, and anyone who follows my blog will have noticed it; if from Monday to Friday I am a worker, at the weekend I professed to be a “sinner”.
But something is happening that takes away my desire to go out and have fun, I prefer to stay at home and “meditate”, shed light on my feelings and emotions.
My Art helps me a lot in this, painting is really therapeutic, but sometimes you are so down that even the brush can’t do it, so I find refuge in the music and in the warmth of the candles. Tonight I was left without, I only had the little tea candles that I use for my incense burner, and I came up with the idea of ​​composing a “heart of light”, there is so much need for love in this world, and we need it too in our small and humble lives.
As you can see from the photo at the top of the article, or from the video you will find below, a beautiful work of art came, it took over 4 hours to burn completely and run out; right now I’m writing in front of the last one, who doesn’t want to know about turning off

In all these hours I have observed them, I have observed fire and its magic, from a small chemical reaction something so powerful is born, which emanates light and heat, two primary needs for man; I think that’s why they talk about a “twin flame“, because when you are lucky enough to meet him or her, they warm you up and light up your path without doing anything, just for being there.
So while I was observing the fire, and reflecting on the “event” that is shaking me these days, I thought that we, all of us, are little flames, our life “burns” in a more or less long time, which depends on us but also from external factors, just like for a candle.
Have you observed a candle that is about to go out? The flame, which was previously almost motionless, begins to flicker as if in a spasm, then goes out: no more light or heat, and smoke comes out of the wick to disperse in the air.
So I thought that when our time comes, we too turn off and something of us leaves us and becomes something else.
In short, you never really die, it’s just a transformation, a change of state, a metamorphosis.
I also thought that candles need oxygen to burn, they take something to give us something back; and in this process the magical balance of existence is not altered.
We have to make sure that we too, in our life, give something in exchange for what we take.
But, above all, we have to try to “burn” as much as possible; we have limited time, use it to SHINE!