Today was a really busy day!

It’s almost midnight and I feel just like my cats in photos: tired and with the desire to lie down in bed and fall asleep stroking them, as I do every night. But I go to bed satisfied! It has been a busy day and for the most part I have dedicated it to the arrangement of my new site, which I officially launched this afternoon.

Creating a website from scratch is no small feat.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

“Rome wasn’t built in a single day,” someone said, and he was absolutely right!

Articles, pages, widgets, plugins, emails, contact forms, many small elements that, put together like bricks, are slowly creating what I have dreamed of for so many months and now, step by step, it’s becoming real.

I would like to say a thousand other things, but there will be time. Now I’m going to recover my strength.

Stay sleepy, stay blogging!

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