Verso la Luce

Anno Domini 2008.

On a normal day, in a normal place, in a normal family a dramatic event strikes us, me, my family and my children.

We are overwhelmed, for months and months we live in apnea, the air does not enter our lungs and in heart and brain only the determination to make it.

And we did it! Struggling tooth and nail, we came out of it.

Today I’m happy to be here to tell you about this book of mine, which is nothing more than the faithful reproduction of the pages of my diary, when writing gave me part of the strength that was needed to sustain everything, for an infinite time, day after day.

There was a time when I put this writing up for sale, and I donated the proceeds to an association that helped us a lot in that moment of anguish and that still works to give relief to families in difficulty.

However, that’s a story that I want to belong to the past, and that’s why I withdrew it from sale.

It remains only in the head and heart of those who, with me, saw the monster in the face and defeated it, blow by blow.