All time!


That life that shocks you, that strikes you, that life that puts you in front of your darkest side to give you the possibility to accept it, to welcome it; because it would be foolish to deny that we are all a bit like the Moon, we have a bright side exposed to anyone who wants to try their hand at observing it; then there is the side that some define as “obscure”, I like to define it hidden, not visible: it’s there, it’s there but it’s not seen, sometimes we don’t even see it ourselves, until something takes us further and then let’s get in touch with it.

Perhaps at first we are shocked, overwhelmed, we wonder how it’s possible that such a “diabolical” part also exists in us, but if we think about it, it’s more diabolical to believe that we are only saints, pure souls always striving for the best.

No, my friend, it’s not like that: we are made of flesh and blood, as well as spirit, and we live in a three-dimensional world that puts us to the test every day, it’s normal sometimes to lose control…. The important thing is to do it in moderation 😊

There is a very beautiful phrase that I read on the internet, a Cherokee legend and it says that “two wolves live within each of us […], It’s important to feed both because both contribute to our inner balance”.

Well, I know who my “wolf” is that I take care of. Sometimes the other comes out too, and I observe it, I look at it, it too exists and it cannot be denied, but I know that as it came out it will go away just as quickly.

And yours?

Which of the two do you feed? Have you ever asked it to yourself?

I write this article at the epilogue of two days of fire in a devastating week of two incredible months! Incredible because life always leads me towards situations where I start to fly, fly high, very high, so high that for a moment I even lose orientation; then at a certain point something, often “someone”, the same one who made me fly, suddenly throws me down. At first I seem to fall into an abyss with no return, then I realize that I love these people, who take me up and then throw me down, because it’s thanks to them that, in falling, I spread my wings and learn to use them, it’s thanks to them that I learn to fly!

And I fly high, gliding from time to time to enjoy the spectacular view of a life, mine, which is finally taking the shape and colors I’ve always dreamed of for it.

And the world of Lili’s Art and Painting, with my website, is an integral part of this magnificent twirl in the air.

Today I was analyzing data traffic a bit and I came across something beautiful: my site, my blog, my words are read all over the world!

Italy, France, United States, China, Russia, even in India, Lilith’s words have reached there!

This will mean something!

It certainly makes me proud and satisfied with this project of mine, born at the beginning almost as a game and now having a dedicated site (made entirely by myself) and, shortly, also a registered trademark which will certify its uniqueness all over the world!

What to say!

There’s nothing more beautiful than having a dream and working hard to make it grow and come true!

Because, as I also said in my previous article, a minimal detail is enough to radically change the meaning of things.

One finger is enough, just one finger, to make your dreams a livable reality!

It’s up to you, only you, to decide what life you want to live!