October, 2022

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aLCHÊMIA is not a picture.

aLCHÊMIA is not a painting.

aLCHÊMIA is a Journey.

A journey that always starts from a blank canvas, as always, since I started my journey as Lili’s Art and Painting.

But this time it’s different.

This time there is more; much more.

This time there are TWO souls who work tirelessly to give birth to what, in my opinion, is by far one of the most beautiful works I’ve ever made.

Two Souls linked by the common thread of the Passion for Life, a passion that we sublimate in Art, whether it is painted or written. Because the means does not matter, what matters is only the final result and what it manages to convey, first of all to you who have created it and, later, also to those who have the opportunity to get close to it.

Did you have a good time while you were doing it?

Were you happy while you were painting or writing?

If the answer is YES, then the Work is entirely completed, then all the time you have dedicated to it is really worth it.

If then also those who watch, or read, feel emotions, strong emotions, then the Magic happens, it means that you gave yourself so much in what you were doing that it overflowed and was perceived even by those who see your work from the outside.

Several times in my “journey” I got excited, I rejoiced, I cried, I had chills, there were moments of great exaltation and moments in which I cried …

I felt ALIVE.

Totally connected with the world and the Universe.

I know that these words of mine could seem those of an exalted one who lives with her head in the clouds but, believe me, you soul who are reading now, I’ve never been so concrete as in these last few weeks!

For me, painting is nothing more than a way, indeed, THE way to dialogue with my emotions, listen to them, bring them to light, live them and indulge them.

In the last few weeks it has been a powerful, impactful crescendo, which still makes my head spin… after so many years of absolute “immobility”, returning to Life in this disruptive way can only be so, pleasantly intoxicating.

What to say then … ..

I am grateful to Life for giving me the inspiration to set out on this path full of colors, imagination, creativity and love.

And I am grateful to Life for having put on my path that souls so beautiful to be themselves, with their existence, a source of inspiration for me and a stimulus to continue even more, more and more alive and more and more colorful!!!

Below, as always, you’ll find the link to the video of the making of. Hope you will enjoy it!