and today it has arrived for me too!

So the blog of Lili’s Art and Painting 🎨 was born, it’s the result of a day full of music. Sure, because with great happiness, a great artist and a great friend of mine, Emanuele Hesael Pavano (here his youtube channel), comes out with an unreleased song, available on all digital stores. It is a beautiful song, with a dragging melody, an arrangement that makes you dream and a text full of meaning. I have been listening to his track all day (even now, as I write these words, my headphones are turned on at maximum).

And immersing myself all day in music, in his music, made me think “Why not?”. Those who believe in their dreams soon realize them, and I like to dream. And write.

So, from tonight, this will be my little space in the Metaverse, a place where I can glue little pieces of my Life, writing them as on small post it notes, because Life is a journey that must be lived, loved and remembered!

Stay happy, stay bloggin’ 🙂

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