February, 2023


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At the beginning of the video of the making of this “painting” I inserted a sentence, which I report as it is, without translating it:

“This is not a painting. This is worship.”

I could finish here now, without adding anything else.

Because this time I won’t give an explanation about what I’ve painted means, what meaning it could have.

Perhaps it doesn’t even make sense to look for a meaning in it: vESSEL is simply a journey, a mystical experience that catapulted me into a bug in space/time, where Music reigns supreme, accompanied by the solemnity of colors and the power of feelings.

Many difficult and perhaps even useless big words to explain something that, in words, cannot be explained: you have to live it to understand it….

In the making of video (which you can find below) I tried to insert as much material as possible, precisely because perhaps the images explain better than words what I felt in those moments.

As usual I started from the blank canvas, and within two hours vESSEL was there watching me, after being inside me for a night and a day.

He wanted to come out and he did it suddenly and disruptively.

Amazing like the music that accompanied me on this journey all the time, as is also clearly visible in the video 😊

I feel I can’t say anything more.

vESSEL is not a painting. vESSEL is WORSHIP.