December 2022

Lili’s Art and Painting ® – all rights reserved

On the canvas and on my skin.

The last painting of this crazy 2022.

A long, difficult, troubled year that marked me forever, and that gave me the opportunity to take another step in my personal growth journey, as an individual and as a woman; a year in which I found a job that I like, which allowed me to go live alone and start over again. Of course, starting from scratch, once again, especially if you’re alone, is always complicated, it scares you, you believe you won’t make it, only to find out instead that you can. Always. ‘Cause the fire inside you burns much more than the one around you that seems to want to overwhelm you.

A fire, mine, which is mostly fueled by Love, the immense love I have for Life, for myself and for my children.

It’s to them that I dedicated this painting of mine, I called it tHE eSSENTIAL ’cause my children represent the essential for me, I have them and I have everything; love that unites us is something that goes beyond space and time, and it doesn’t matter if they are in the next room or thousands of kilometers apart, our bond is a fire that burns continuously, that warms me when I have moments of discomfort, ’cause I know that in this life I have to fight and succeed for myself and FOR THEM.

The message that I have always wanted to convey to them is to be themselves, to follow their inclination and decide their lives, to be protagonists and not spectators in them.

I love them deeply and this love of mine wanted to come out through brushes, in a symbol that represents a maternal embrace in a fiery context, ’cause a mother does everything for her children, even passing through the flames of hell, if it’s necessary.

And it’s something so deep in me that a few years ago I tattooed it on my skin

In the painting the blue that surrounds is the blue of oxygen, of air, ’cause my children are the air I breathe and miss when they’re not around.

A picture created in a few days, done entirely in their presence, at our home where, for the first time in many years, with them I felt free, happy, complete, with the desire to do everything. To do it with them.

tHE eSSENTIAL: dedicated to my children and to all the mothers of the world, who love their children and surround them with an eternal embrace.

Under, as usual, the making of.

“… ’cause I love you for infinity…”