June, 2021

tangible pain
Lili’s Art and Painting ® – all rights reserved

Painting is to bring out what you have inside.

And sometimes what you have inside is anger, frustration, a feeling of helplessness, you want to run away, you feel tied up. So this 3D painting is born, which in addition to the canvas and acrylic also has “realistic elements”.

Every time I look at it, I tell myself it’s a terrible painting. And it’s true. Because inside it there’s all the monstrosity that can exist when “circumstances” want to annihilate you.

The good news is that for a very ugly picture there are 10 beautiful ones, because I don’t give up, because “circumstances” can hurt me but they certainly can’t bring me down.

My life is wonderful and a new spring is about to explode 🙂

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