August, 2023

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There are paintings that are born and finish.

Right away.

Because you’ve already had them inside for some time and all you have to do is decide to take brushes and colors and start smearing the canvas 🙂

For sUNFLOWER it was like this: a rather sad evening in a rather subdued week; there was a need to express what I had inside… and, thinking about it, I hadn’t painted for months: it will be the heat, it will be my desire to be outside and experience the world, it will be that I am in love and I have other head (and for the heart).

But last night painting saved my life: when I take the colors and use them on the canvas, with my ears pervaded by music, sipping one (two, three, four…) beers, my mind shuts down, useless thoughts vanish and only the Soul remains that wants to come out. And I let it go.

sUNFLOWER is one of my very few non-abstract paintings, with a well-defined subject.

It was born as a gift to a special person, very important to me, who loves sunflowers, and who with his presence in my life has added beauty to beauty, has added color to my rainbow.

May this rainbow be endless.

May this beauty be eternal.