December, 2023

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I’ll start like this: I should create a section entitled “double print“, double painting, and include all my paintings that start in one way and end up in the opposite way.

And I have done many like this, including this last one, sLEEPLESS, the last painting created and certainly my last painting for this 2023 which is about to say goodbye to us.

A very important year for me, which completed my journey of independence, giving me a stable job, a house of my own and a life made only of MY rules, with MY times.

And it was a year where I also chose to leave this condition of peace and well-being again to dive into a reality that presented itself to me as an overwhelming, unexpected and overwhelming wave. I decided to swim guided by that wave, confident that it will take me towards beautiful and unexplored islands.

I do it not without fear: giving up my life in total independence, after having yearned for it for years and having obtained it by fighting tooth and nail, did not cost me little, but as a film that I love very much says (Eat, Pray, Love) “Sometimes losing your balance is a sign of a perfectly balanced life.

So I have embarked on my new reality and am floating in this new sea; always with brushes in hand, although I must say that it took me a while to start again, I hadn’t painted since August, so several months.

But then the moment arrived, the desire to bring out what I had inside and to do it through colours. This is how the first part of sLEEPLESS was born which, as you can also see from the video, has very little to do with the final result of the work.

Result which, once again, is a woman’s part… but I don’t want to spoil it, I like that every person who looks at my paintings gives a personal reading of what they see inside.

In any case, sLEEPLESS literally translated means without sleeping, but it can also be read as without Sleep, those who know my story and have followed the evolution of my paintings might understand what I’m talking about.

sLEEPLESS is yet another part of me that was condensed onto an initially blank canvas, born in a moment of emotional turbulence and completed when I then found inner calm.
There is a lot of black in this painting…someone could interpret it with a negative meaning: black which is defined as an “achromatic colour”, being without hue, brightness and frequency, resulting from the subtractive synthesis of all the colors of the visible spectrum. If it is true, therefore that theoretically represents the negation of color, on the other hand it is the color that contains them all. And in sLEEPLESS, as always, there is all of me, with my denials and my admissions, with my shortcomings and my abundances.
A continuous Yin and Yang.
An eternal Tao.
Below, the video of the making’of.