March, 2023


Lili’s Art and Painting ® all rights reserved

Once again this time there is not much to say. Or to write.

Many would not understand.

Many would judge.

Everyone in a painting can see everything and nothing.

Few “feel”.

This is a painting for those who “feel”. And for those who “believe”. That believe without necessarily knowing in what.

sLEEP is what is beyond words; it’s a Journey, which started from vESSEL and which will probably still continue, to take me elsewhere, ’cause “I want to see the other side“.

A crazy carousel where, if you don’t succumb to the intensity of the journey and the experience, it allows you to access clearly higher levels. We are made of flesh and blood, but we have the Infinite inside. And there are those who want to look infinity in the face!

Few words. Or maybe even too many.

Enjoy the vision of the making of