February, 2023

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Another “unfinished” painting. Not immediately.

One of those that I start, then put aside to make others, and then start again.

There’s not a reason.

There simply comes a moment, while I’m painting, in which something inside stops, and therefore the brush also stops, for no precise reason.

And I support this feeling, without any forcing, because I know that painting comes from within; it’s like your breathing, it’s not you who decides to inhale and exhale the air, everything happens independently, we say “automatically”, but it’s not automation, it’s a sophisticated balance in which our limbic brain takes care of all those activities of our biological body that are used to keep us alive. We should think more about this: reflect on the fact that we are perfect machines and that, if something doesn’t work, it’s usually because we have done something that we shouldn’t have.

In the same way, for me painting is something that starts from the limbic brain, from the irrational part, the instinctive one, and if the signal suddenly ceases, it means that it must be like this. And I stop.

So then pRINCESS, too, stopped for several weeks, in the meantime observing the succession of other paintings, not only on canvas I would say 😊 In the sense that I’m creating masterpieces also in my life; metaphorically speaking, on the canvas that had pastel colors and light shades I’m giving incredible brushstrokes with bright, vivid, I would say psychedelic colors. And that’s okay. It’s great!

Who is pRINCESS?

Where is she going?

Where is she from?

All questions that one could ask by observing this picture that seems to have no logic, no sense.

Or you can simply stop to observe it and feel what it transmits to you, if something transmits you.

pRINCESS gives me serenity when I look at it just as it gave me peace and joy while I was making it. I have created this female silhouette that’s certainly going somewhere, and to me it seems to be doing it with a quick and sure step. She knows what she wants and she’s going to get it! And she’s wearing a long and wide dress, which suggests that she may be a woman from other times, a woman who lived in the past: an Ancient Soul.

It’s a tribute to resourcefulness, determination and constancy, it’s the will to do that makes it 😊

pRINCESS is inside a fairy tale.

Just like me.