October, 2022

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8 months.
Eight months without touching a brush …
I tried, really, I bought the canvases and started a new painting … One, then another … all left in the middle, all interrupted …
Painting for me was no longer a moment of ecstasy, a way to convey my interiority and bring it out or, better, even in that case what I had inside came out and spilled onto the white canvas, but it smeared it, defaced it, because terrible was what I had inside.
A boulder that had managed to transform even my colors into murky puddles, putrid latrines.
Reluctantly so I decided not to do it anymore, not to rape my art anymore and wait…. because that phrase, “give yourself time”, in all these months has never abandoned me for a moment, giving me the strength to never collapse, on the contrary, to collapse countless times but immediately get up. More determined than before.
Today, after 8 long months, I am here to tell you about how Lili is back, how that bursting charge made of colors and emotions has opened up, when my mind is lightened and my heart is refreshed.
“lOTUS” is born and with it perhaps the best part of me comes back to life, that instinctive, creative, confident, positive, the tiger that lets itself be caressed, turning into a harmless kitten 🙂
lOTUS is the story of an energy, an emotion that gradually became space between reality and dream, a force that constantly condenses into words, thoughts, desires, sensations; now also colors.

My personal Lotus tattoo

For Buddhists, the lotus flower “represents the purity of soul and body, a symbol of spiritual elevation due to the fact that, while sinking its roots in mud, it manages to remain pure and uncontaminated and to thrive even in conditions of adversity” .
What better way, what more fitting symbol to sanction a rebirth, a new life that, just like the lotus flower, is about to unfold.
With all its beauty.

Here you can find the video of the making of, thanks for watching!