October, 2022

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This wonderful journey is also over.

lIQUID wOMAN has kept me company in the last few weeks…. To tell the truth, perhaps, it has been with me for almost a whole year, because this canvas, me, I started filling it with colors in November of last year, in 2021 that seems so far away now. A painting that was born but never finished, which never completely satisfied me, so that at a certain point I put it aside. Incomplete. It was set aside for months in a corner, silent, until a few weeks ago lIQUID wOMAN came into my head and it occurred to me to make it right there, on that canvas full of colors thrown a bit in a haphazard way, confusing, because confusing was also the reason why she was initially born.

But Art is precise, art is clear and does not admit confusion, especially when it is the externalization of your inner balance, then it can only be a harmony of colors, brushstrokes and sensations, experienced by you while you do it and from others as they watch it.
Without any hesitation I took a non-color color, black, and covered everything. The result was amazing! The colors below created an irregular surface, sometimes rough, but harmonious to the touch and sight, so much so that even looking at it like this, all black and without any subject, with the right light it could already be a finished and complete painting.
Not for me.

lIQUID wOMAN was there, she wanted to come out and she wouldn’t admit any procrastination, so I listened to her and she arrived, initially on a sheet through a simple pencil (as seen in the making of video), then moved on to the real canvas and at that point perhaps the most beautiful part of the realization began: filling the shape with drops of liquid wax, a candle lit as if it were a brush and, drop by drop, she took shape.
I got excited with lIQUID wOMAN, I felt joy, serenity and a great sense of peace in giving her life and I am happy to have followed my inspiration once again.
lIQUID wOMAN is a sensory picture, it is not like the others: it must be observed, looked at, but you must also touch it, pass your hand over it to feel the curves of the wax, the sinuous profile of this woman who in her apparently motionless position is there open to life, ready to enjoy the wind on her skin or the rain on her, also liquid.

I would like to say that this painting is a bit of a metaphor: if you really want to “live” a person, but in particular a woman, you cannot limit yourself to observing her from a distance, you have to “touch her with your hand”, you have to feel the folds of her lived, the roughness of some of his thoughts but also the smooth calm of his Soul.
A painting, this one, which is added to the others, enriching my personal collection, a painting which has given me infinite emotions in doing it and which will continue to give me every time I look at it.
Touching it.

Here is the making of… .. enjoy!