November, 2022

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Another painting.

Another trip.

Another world.

This time I got lost in the waters of the deepest oceans, setting sail on a wonderful boat that bears an evocative, impalpable name, a name that is a promise: “Forever“.

And what more beautiful word than this to live a journey that you have started, and that you wish would never end…


Per sempre.

Pour toujours.

In whatever language you say it, its sound is melodious, its meaning poetry, its promise is a “YES”; the “forever” promises you that what you are feeling, living, experiencing will continue to be there for you; it’s up to you to have the capacity, the ability and the inventiveness to achieve your dream and make it your reality. Forever. Or even just for a few moments. However, you would have the memory of having lived it. Forever.

In this painting I used a few colors: the black of the sky, the white of the stars, the blue of the ocean… and a touch of gray to make the moon even more beautiful, if this were ever possible.

To tell the truth, there would be yet another color, a color that cannot be seen in the painting: it is red. The red of the passion with which, in these days, I tinkered brushes, mixed colors, created profiles and added details.

The red of a flame that is always on in me, that flame from which I draw energy to paint, to write, to sing, to dance, the energy to live!

Forever, a boat, “water all around, sky, sea and stars“.

So beautiful that I will never stop wanting more!

Below is the video of the making of. Have a good vision!