May, 2023


Lili’s Art and Painting ® all rights reserved

This is a painting that I particularly love.

I loved it right away.

Since I started bringing these shades of red to life.

Red is a strong color with an impact; in fLAME I sweeten it with hints of orange and yellow, trying to recreate the color/heat of the fire, the heat/color of the flame, the same flame that burns inside me and continues to burn.

There will be, as there have already been, moments in which I’ll be embers, perhaps covered by dark ash, but embers, as we know, are potential fires, the right amount is enough to reawaken their power.

And so, while waiting for this alchemy to take place, waiting to burn like and more than before, I continue to give space to my creativity. I continue to paint.

This is certainly not the first of my paintings to portray a female silhouette, it probably won’t even be the last, but every time a woman comes to life on my canvas, I always wonder if there is me in that silhouette, or part of me ; perhaps reality lies in both parts, perhaps there’s a piece of me in every woman that I have fixed on my paintings, and if I observe her evolution well, it almost seems that at every step this woman adds ardor and light to herself.

With each step, the heat becomes stronger and the light more and more dazzling.

With each step my human nature gets closer and closer to the Divine.

This is why fLAME is a fire that will never go out.