November 2022

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My latest painting; even if defining it as a “painting” is a bit narrow for me, because it’s much, much more.
In d.E.A.T.H. there is sadness, fear, discouragement, bitterness, restlessness, despair, uncertainty, but also hope, love, revenge, trust, anger, expectation.

A journey that lasted 7 days, in an exhausting week where my life alternated between daily life, work and waiting; especially waiting. A week in which, without exaggerating, I have always lived accompanied by music, from when I woke up to when I went to sleep (when I could). It had never happened to me, before, to be able to live perpetually accompanied by music: even at work the regulation provides that we can keep an earphone to our ear and then the music blasts there too, realizing with pleasure that working in that way is so much more pleasant and also works more precisely and more concentrated (except when you get carried away with guitar riffs and exchange the glasses shafts for drumsticks – but better left unsaid 😊)
In any case, this continuous flow of music has greatly influenced my way of being, I always had adrenaline a thousand, the constant need to “do”, which in part found an outlet in this Visual Creation of mine and largely in d.E.A.T.H.

This is a painting that saw me paint in every way, except using the normal brush, as you can also see below in the making of video.
Painting with bare hands, with my fingers, is something I almost never do and when it happens it means that there is an absolute interpenetration between me and the Art, a total fusion between the heart and the canvas, even bypassing the mind as well .
And so, after various stages, this riot of colors comes out, each of which brings with it the emotions described at the beginning.

A painting that created by itself, that imposed itself, that forcefully wanted to reveal itself through me, that I was nothing more than a “means” to bring it out. And be admired by everyone.
I would very much like to know what reactions d.E.A.T.H. arouses in the beholder.
Unfortunately photography makes little and so takes away from the particularity of the painting itself: in some points the color is solid, consistent, it creates a real relief which, touching it, gives the idea of ​​the depth of my emotions.

It is as if, touching the painting, you touch me, my soul laid bare.
Because this is what Art does: it strips you completely naked, giving those who can read with their hearts the opportunity to know who you really are.

Have a good vision.