heart shaped fire

Life is fire that burns

Tonight I want to talk about light and heat.Tonight I want to talk about candles.This is a special time for me, and anyone who follows my blog will have noticed ...
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Devastating Emotions Attacking The Heart

I have never had such an experience before.I am exhausted.Days engaged in my night work, staying awake day and night and always, constantly, one and only one thought.Moments of life ...
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Emotions at the tip of a pen

Today I write a blog. And I dedicate it to a person I don’t even know but who managed, without knowing it, to give me a great moment of emotion ...
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From dusk to dawn

There comes a day in life. THAT day comes, the day you start poking your nose out of the storm and you have to deal with the rubble. This is ...
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The heart always centers!

It’s a sunny day a bit like any other. Actually not as hot as the others; we are close to mid-August and luckily the temperatures are dropping.My lunch is in ...
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That’s why I do it!

Why do you do this? I probably do it out of boredom.I do this to stun myself outside, and ignore what’s inside.And inside there’s not only fatigue and bitterness.Inside there ...
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