April, 2023

bite me

Lili’s Art and Painting ® all rights reserved

With this third, and last, painting the circle closes.

A journey that began months ago and ended today; very first painting made after the important date for me of March 31st 2023.

It’s quite evident that this artistic triptych has little to do with my usual pictorial genre, it has a story in itself, a story that I have never really told, certain that few would understand; and whoever “understands” doesn’t need me to say anything, because he already knows everything.

It’s a story intimately linked to my current transformation process, in which I find myself cutting a lot of dry branches; even when this hurts, very badly, but I realize that I’m in the second half of my earthly existence and I cannot, nor do I want to, continue to slow down my journey to wait for someone who pretends to want to walk with me and instead then makes countless step back. It’s called ballast, and ballast doesn’t allow you to fly high, which I don’t want to stop doing.

It’s about understanding that the time has come to CHOOSE, and no longer to be chosen.

So to hell with all those people who don’t put you in their priorities, to hell with all those who charm you with nice words but in the end manipulate you just to get what they want and, once they get it, they disappear like the worst of ghosts.

In the end, whoever enters your life, whether for a short or a long time, must be an added value, just as you must be for theirs, and if not, then everyone goes their own way. We are not made for everyone.

My three paintings, vESSEL, sLEEP and now bITE mE, are nothing but a confirmation of all this, the common theme is darkness, because it’s precisely in the dark that you see who lights you up. More need not be said.

I wish you to be able to fly high.

And I wish you not to be afraid when you’re left alone up there.

‘Cause eagles don’t fly in flocks.