A court of dreams
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The first painting of this wonderful 2023.

A painting that speaks of love.

A painting that my son asked me to paint for him.

He sent me a photo and said “Could you paint it?”. And when my children ask me such a question, it’s as if a light bulb were turned on inside me, in my head I begin to think, evaluate, plan. And of course my answer is always YES.

I would give my life for them, and painting a picture at their request is an extra stimulus for my art. And for me.

So I started, and within a week it was complete.

Pepo wants to donate this painting to a very important person to him, that’s why it contains a symbology that is unknown even to me who made it; however the writing at the top, or those small mountains below have a profound meaning for them, a code that only they will be able to decipher, I limited myself to transform it into colors and shades, and it’s beautiful because I know that what I have created will be able to arouse good feelings.

I was thrilled to paint the moon, once again.

I was thrilled to give shape to the silhouette of this woman, who seems to me to be a warrior: with her bow in her hand, she is ready to shoot her arrow and she does it with a sure gesture, of one who knows she will hit the target.

The wolf behind her could represent our courage, our determination, which is always one step behind us because it must support us in our difficult choices: a silent presence that observes and supports.

Soon a cOURT of dREAMS will take off, to reach my Sicily and land at the foot of Etna. The emotion I feel when I part with one of my paintings is always strong, it’s a part of me that goes away with it, but this time too I know it will go into safe hands, exhibited in a place that will surely smell of love.

Because this is a painting about love.

And love is an Art form, the highest and most excellent.

I’ll leave you to watch the making of video below