January, 2022

Lili’s Art and Painting ® all rights reserved

At the end of last year an idea came to me: the idea of ​​trying my hand at a painting that would accompany me throughout 2022, the year that was about to arrive.

So I bought a blank canvas, put it on the easel and started throwing down brushstrokes, colors, emotions. I wanted to make sure that every day on that canvas there was a sign, a color, a stroke that fixed my days one by one: in the evening, whether I was sad or happy, tired or rested, whether I wanted to or not (but I always want when it comes to painting), I took the brush and the colors and poured the emotions of the day, facts, happenings onto the canvas. Also upsets.
So the blank canvas slowly turned into a psychedelic vortex! Just like my life 🙂

Yes, my Art is definitely not academic, I don’t have a pictorial technique, except mine: painting for me has to be as liberating as dancing, I have to do it without rules, without schemes, just so my Soul can come out through canvas, brush and colors!

Then one day something changed … I don’t know exactly what: the dialogue between Heart and Soul is a silent dialogue, made up of silence and introspection, and it’s authentic just because there are no words to be able to encode it; and it was my soul that told me, in its own way, that 365 mAYBE was over, that I would no longer have to add anything, that the word maybe can be the key to our existence …

We should always add a “maybe” at the end of our thoughts, meaning that everything we do, the direction we take, the experiences we live, everything is always in progress, it can change from one moment to the next. And our mAYBE means accepting change, it means following the flow of life with confidence.

Below, as always, I leave you the video of the making of.
The images you’ll see, however, show only a small part of how much I enjoyed and achieved in completing this work that accompanied me in the first quarter of this new sparkling year 🙂